Instructions to reviewers

Step 1. Log-in to the conference platform
using the credentials you received via mail.

If you have not accessed the platform yet, please note that you need to complete the info in the “Your Profile” page and finalize your conference registration payment in “Conference registration” page.

Step 2. The abstracts submitted to your session are listed in the “Your Review Assignments” page. The page will allow you to:

  • view all the assignments,
  • filter the submissions by type and status,
  • download in a .zip folder all the PDF abstracts submitted (the PDF download is also available in each abstract page).

Step 3. To review an abstract, click on “Edit the review”.

Step 4. View an abstract and submit a decision:

  • Visualize the details of the submission and download the PDF of the abstract [on the left],
  • Evaluate the submission [on the right],
  • Submit comment: click “The review is complete”, then “Save”, when your evaluation is completed, so the co-chair will be able to see your decision.
  • If you click only “Save”, you will be able to go back to the comments later. Important: you will be able to modify your decision even after clicking “The review is complete” .
  • Compare your decision: at the page bottom, you can check out the other chair’s decision. In case of conflicting opinions, we strongly recommend to align with your co-chair to agree on the evaluation.

Step 5. Click “Back” to return to “Your Review Assignments” page to carry on with your reviews.

Thank you in advance for your collaboration and do not hesitate to contact us in case of any difficulties.