Excursions on 2 August at 13:30

We are delighted to announce the ICCGE-20 tours!

Half-day tour leaving from the conference venue at approx 13:30 on August 2nd.

The cost of the tour includes: bus transfer from the conference venue and return to Naples, tour guide in English, entrance tickets (where applicable).

The tours will be confirmed only for a minimum of 30 participants. In case the minimum number is not reached, you will be invited to choose a different tour or receive a reimbursement. The tours confirmed are not refundable.

Deadline for booking: July 15, 2023

To book the tour, complete the form “Excursions” at: www.conference-service.com/ICCGE-20/welcome.html


Pompeii was founded around the 7th century BC and by the first century AD it had become a bustling centre of commerce and entertainment. The city was destroyed by an eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. On the eve of the fateful eruption, it is estimated that there were about 20,000 people in the city.

It wasn’t till the 16th century that the city was rediscovered. In Pompeii, we will visit the most interesting and best conserved thermal baths, streets, gyms and houses. The tour will end with a visit to the house of the Vettii Family that is one of the richest and most famous houses in Pompeii.

Thanks to the extraordinary frescoes and the sculptures that adorned the city, Pompeii is included in guides to UNESCO’s World Heritage sites, and in books on ancient art.

Cost per person: EUR 70


Herculaneum is named after the mythical Greek god, Hercules, who, according to Dionysius of Halicarnassus, founded the city. Buried from the Vesuvius eruption of 79 AD, Herculaneum has been preserved like no other ancient site in the world, including nearby Pompeii. In fact, during the eruption, the city was buried under 16 meters of ash and mud that protected the two-story domus homes from damage. Consequently, the internal architecture and decor have remained intact, including wood and marble, decorations, jewellery, and even organic remains such as food, so visitors have a unique “snapshot” of the daily lives of the ancient population of Herculaneum.

From Herculaneum, we will then go to Portici, which is about a 20-minute drive, to visit the 18th century Bourbon Palace that hosts an exhibition of the wooden furniture that survived the eruption and that also gives an extraordinary testimony of daily life in Roman times.

Cost per person: EUR 55


The Phlegrean Fields are a volcanic area located North of Naples. The name is of Greek origin and means “Burning Fields”. It is a land of myths and volcanoes, and it is also rich in archaeological remains. It is here that the third largest amphitheatre in Italy is located and the basements of which are among the best preserved in the world. In ancient times, the Roman aristocracy staid in the Phlegraean Fields enjoy the spas, and attend gladiatorial shows. It is here that the Emperor Augustus brought his imperial fleet and built a strategic defence system thanks to the tunnels built in the tuff, volcanic lakes and the second largest cistern in the world. We will admire the Solfatara Volcano from above, visit the Flavian Amphitheatre, the Temple of Serapis and the Acropolis of the ancient Greek town of Cuma. A wonderful panoramic tour will complete your day as a Roman Emperor!

Cost per person: EUR 55


Naples is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy. It is known the world over for its architecture, rich cultural heritage as well as for its delicious food, ancient ruins and deep blue sea. All of which attract large numbers of tourists every year.

During this tour we will visit the “old Naples”, where will see its art, its craftsmanship and its typical street food. The tour includes Spaccanapoli the street that divides Naples into two parts. We will also visit the baroque churches of Gesù Nuovo and Cathedral, the Gothic churches of Santa Chiara and San Lorenzo, and San Gregorio Armeno the street famous for Nativity scenes.

We will also visit the Spanish Quarter, which is one of the main tourist attractions of Naples. It consists of narrow alleys, small taverns, and the square dedicated to Diego Armando Maradona who is still a much-loved hero of Neapolitans.

Finally, we will visit the Toledo subway station, which has been considered the most beautiful subway station in Europe by CNN and the Daily Telegraph.

Cost per person: EUR 30